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Progressive BumBum

The Power of Bumbumbum

Argo - The Digital Blonde
Earth - Upsoull
Pandora - Mind Void & Metaprog
Waterman on Neptune (2016 edit) - Ektoside
Frequency Controlled - Jerando & Gomez
Find The Light (Complex Sound Bootleg) - Denis Kenzo & Kimberly Hale
Divine - Agent Kritsek & Upsoull
Sleepless Night (2016 edit) - Ektoside
Hey Now (Okular & Keim Bootleg) - London Grammar
Space of Time - ABC
Possible (Mind Void Remix) - Senix
Human Energy (Spectro Senses Remix) - Entropia
Infected (Original Mix) - Pablo Schugt
Cancao Da Terra - Rewind
Psychedelic Vision (Original Mix) - Pablo Schugt
Time & Space (Original Mix) - One Function
Landing At Dusk - Jerando & Gomez
Alien Safari (Original Mix) - Impulser
Synth Crazy (Original Mix) - Chronica
Tooga - -Sd-

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Proggytime in Psykologne

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Oh wow. Its proggytime in psykologne.

Who Would You Call (Bitmonx Remix) - XV Kilist & Rocco
Highgrade - Funky Dragon
Don't Stop - Funky Dragon
Indigo - Agent Kritsek & Yner
Hypnosis - Nivanoise
Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix) - Hilight Tribe
In Extasy - Toxic Universe
Riders on the Storm (Complex Sound Bootleg) - The Doors
Rock It - Jerando & Gomez
Future Academy (Mind Void Remix) - Mind Void
Intimate - Galactic Cowboy
Loaded Gun - Arctika & Mind Void
Spin the World - Idylle
Breaking Day - Physis
Autumn Leafs - Mind Void
Tripical Moon (Original Mix) - Querox & Phaxe
Get Away - Blau

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Like it or not

A little bit darker than my other sets, except the church of tripnology

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Church of Tripnology

The Church of Tripnologie is the official religion in Psykologne.

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Kein Proggy ist auch keine Lösung

Alone at home, just mixing some new trax

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Daheim und Unterwegs

Again @ home, mixing some new trax

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Easter Eye320 by Psykologne on


Another Brick In The Wall - Doktor Froid & Blazy
Together Everyday - 4i20 & Mandragora
Back To The 80's - Tezla
Seven Days (Beat Herren Remix) - Kopel & Klopfgeister
Sundance Ritual - Epic
True Lies - Arctika
Distillery - Zelda & Owner
Milkyway (Original Mix) - Juiced
Nice Day to Daydream - Alter Nature
Beatless - Phaxe & Morten Granau
Call Me (Jacob Remix) - Neelix
Weed (Original Mix) - 4i20
Move Up - Sensifeel
Cant Be Seen (Lighters & Erotic Dream Remix) - Satori
Spin the World - Idylle
Fake World - Arctika
Dawnbreak - Alter Nature
True Difference - Idylle
Sound of Silence - Monothome
Once I Had a Dream - Shiva Chandra
Mystic - Haldolium

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April, April by Psykologne on










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